Galeria Fogracica


A fundamental role for the city of Sciacca has always been played by the thermal facilities that use several different thermal waters for wellness purpose and for the treatment of various diseases.

The city of Sciacca has about 25 km of coastline alternating sandy beaches and steep or jagged cliffs, and offers to its visitors the opportunity to discover and choose between wild environments and well serviced beaches. Cristal clear waters and varieties of flora and fauna make it a perfect place for bathers and lovers of underwater photography.

A very interesting attraction of the area is the "Isola Ferdinandea", emerged in 1831 out of the water, but in 5 months the new land, formed by spontaneous eruption, gradually sank beneath the sea down to six meters of depth. Today the sea near the island is a true natural paradise and it is possible to do scuba diving and snorkeling with organized tours departing from Sciacca.

Sciacca has one of the most beautiful squares of all Sicily: Piazza Angelo Scandaliato, a panoramic and elegant terrace in the city center facing the african sea. The city is also interesting for its historical remains: more than forty churches, over twenty historical buildings and three original city medieval gates.



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